How We Are Governed

Carry My Cross is governed by a board of trustees made of 12 people drawn from membership and bodies work together to ensure that we make the best use of the funds we receive and continue to carry out the rescue of The mentally Challenged to live in dignity and wellness.

EXECUTIVE BOARD: The role of the Carry My Cross Executive Board (CEB) is to develop and implement Carry My Cross Mental Health wellness strategy. CEB meets once every two months and is chaired by our Chief Executive, Rotimi.Elijah.Ogunsanmi.

Psychiatrists and psychologists experts are also invited in to help inform discussion on particular topics.The CEB interacts closely with the Research Strategy Committee (RSC).

Responsibilities The Executive Board holds overall responsibility for Mental research funding, and has oversight of the funding committees who award grants for investigator-led research via our funding Meet the Team and the Board of Carry My Cross.

The governing board of the Carry My Cross is composed of nine members appointed by the Founder and confirmed by the Directors.

Members’ terms are staggered to ensure continuity of quality care and professional oversight of services. By statute, the nine-member board is composed of a lawyer, solicitor, physician, a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, a civil Servant, cleric, politician, Social Worker with experience in the field of mental health.

Biographies : 
*Rotimi. Elijah . Ogunsanmi has been a trustee of Carry My Cross since is been established. He has worked in the mental Health Hospital for 10 years, with much of this time spent as support worker and vulnerable people, and alongside service users, families and carers. Rotimi has both mental health career experience and legal; experience that come about his legal background as a lawyer, campaigning for their rights and dignity.

Mr Rotimi .E.Ogunsanmi .Hailed from Okitipupa, Ikale, Ondo State, Nigeria. Mr Rotimi.E.Ogunsanmi. Received a bachelor’s of Law ( LLB in 2008 ) at a very Prestigious London Metropolitan University UK and a master’s degree ( LLM ) on international Trade Transport and marital law at the same University in 2010 In other to foot his school fees whist studying law in 2005, He enrolled at Renaissance Personnel to attend a course on Mental Health where He was awarded Certificate of Achievement, yet He wasn’t satisfied but further trained as Health and social Care and awarded National Vocational qualification which paved the way for Him to worked as a mental health support worker in London renowned Mental Health Hospital and worked in a number of mental Health Hospitals with remarkable records across UK He is currently using his verse experience in law and in Mental Health Services to advocate for better mental health services for mentally challenged people in Nigeria and promoting policy change and mental Health Law which practice involves consultation with the Region Lawyers and Mental Health Services, the Department of Ministry of Health and Charities.

* Mrs. Nosa Ebohon-Abhival M.D. vice Chair Mrs. Nosa Ebohon-Abhiva.I hailed from Benin City; Edo State. She has a MPA Degree. Civil Servant with New York City,USA over 20years. Currently employed by NYS Housing Authority in providing human services such as, shelter, education, employment and meeting all essential needs for the underprivileged and low income population.

* Mr. Marlon Fieber Mr. Marlon Fieber is a registered -therapist, a licensed Mental Health support worker,. He received his Diploma degree from Germany. He subsequently managed a retail business in UK for 10 years before being introduced into mental Health job by the founder in 2008 where He worked as a mental health support worker in United Kingdom. While at United Kingdom he worked in a number of mental Health Hospitals with remarkable records

* Pastor Moses Adeniyi Alade Pastor Moses Adeniyi Alade Hailed from Evinjiyan Ekiti in Ekiti State.Had a diploma in theology at Minister bible Training Institution in Akure and further his education in federal polytechnic ado Ekiti, and graduated in 2010 as mining engineer.Because of God’s call on him, He worked as proneering ,pastor at Holiness bible church 2001, Associate pastor at chapel of Holiness and Testimonies Ministeries. In 2004, He joined Christ Ever Reigns Chapel and from there posted to South Africa as Area Pastor. Also trained as a Chaplain at Institution Of Leadership and Training in South Africa. Now the Senior Pastor of Consolation Christian Church Of God based in Okitipupa Nigeria. Married to Comfort Damilola and blessed with beautiful children.

* Mr. Omotayo Folorunso Bukunmi Mr. Omotayo folorunso Bukunmi has served as an auto electrictian in globalcom in 2007 ever since then, He has been involved in a voluntary Humanitarian. He and his wife became elder and active member of Consolation Christian Church Of God based in Okitipupa, Ondo State of Nigeria. Mr. Omotayo Folorunso Bukunmi in 2013 was appointed by the Founder of Carry My Cross as mental health advocate in Nigeria

* Mr. Adeoye Femi Ibekele was born in the early seventies to the family of High Chief Odunwo Adeoye Ayodele of Odunwo family of Idepe Okitipupa. Adoye Femi I. a graduate of political science from university of Ado-Ekiti in 2004. After,graduation, Femi performed the one-year mandatory NYSC from 2005/2006.Thereafter, he worked with Bafem Panelsa company in calaber in 2006/2010.Also worked with Rafegos International Company in Warri in 2010/2012. Presently, He is managing director of Adfem Del Nigeria Company a Femi is married and has children. Mr. Adeoye Femi Ibekele was appointed by the founder of Carry My Cross as a Mental Health Advocate in Nigeria.

* Mr.Aro Olorunsayo Felix Mr.Aro.Olorunsayo Felix was born in the early seventies to the family High Chief luwoye Aro family at ladan ode aye Okitipupa Local government. Aro Felix graduated in 1993 at Government Technical College in owo ondo state of Nigeria He also trained as building engineer which enabled Him to worked with femmat group 2000/2004. He subsequently obtained Diploma at Days Star Leadership in 2007 so also In 2009. He was trained as a leader in Holy Ghost leader institution where He obtained a diploma in that respect. In 2011, He joined Pastor Moses Alade in the formation of consolation Christian church of God after working diligently for the progress of the church, He was appointed as an astute evangelist. In 2013, having recognized his humanitarian job by the founder of Carry My cross, He was appointed as a Mental Health Advocate for the organization.

* Mrs. Fadayomi Christianah Nike\ Mrs.Fadayomi Christianah Nike .Hailed from Okitipupa ikale Local Government ondo state Nigeria,She received a certificate for community Health Aids on December 1981 and Certificate for community Health Extension Workers on March 1992. 1980-2014 work in Oganization Local Government Service Commission and given the position of Chief Technical Officer (Health). She attained excellence award in a Seminar Organizer Ondo State Ministry of Health, Akure also Trained on Family Planning Motivators in 1990, Treatment of Tuberculosis and Leprosy in 2001, Cold Chain Maintenance and Immunization Service Delivery in 2004, National Programmed on Supplemental Immunization in Collaboration Immunization with United State Agency for International Development in 2004, Ondo State Ministry of Health, and Use of HMIS Akure Forms 2007.

* Pastor Ayoola Tunji. Pastor Ayoola Tunji achieved Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 and Ministry-Strong Tower Glorious Church in 2008.

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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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