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Prayer is one of the most powerful forms of healing there is. It is an opportunity to join with God source, and your Highest Self for the purpose of seeing the world through God's eyes, receiving God's healing Love, Truth, and Grace, and restoring yourself to an experience of Wholeness and Perfection. When you join with God in prayer, you not only extend God's healing energy and vision to others, you receive it yourself in that moment. As you give, so shall you receive. How Does It Work? At the Carry My Cross, we receive numerous prayer requests each day through our online prayer requests are a wonderful opportunity for both the giver and the receiver. Those who submit prayers are opening the door to communication and healing from God. Those who receive the prayers are giving themselves the opportunity to join with God in the process of extending His Love, Peace, and Truth in reply. A Prayer Group is a group of people who join together in prayer on a regular basis. When you sign-up to be apart of Carry My Cross Group, your cross will become a virtual responsibility of our Cross Carrier Team. As a member, you will receive a copy of each online prayer request submitted through our prayer request page to include in your prayers on a daily basis. You will also receive and online prayer packet we have put together for the Prayer Request Team to support them in experiencing God healing presence as deeply and fully as possible in this process. Being a member of the Prayer Request Team is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your own healing, peace, and understanding as you extend it to others. There are no obligations to join. You can unsubscribe from the group at any time by e-mailing Carry My Cross. To join with us in Prayer please fill out the form below.

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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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