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Carry My Cross is a UK-based charity organisation working with mental health institutions to prevent the inhumane treatment of mentally challenged people in Nigeria.

The main aim of our organisationis to support people who are abandoned and neglected in Nigeria due to mental illness. We also share interesting articlesand important research in the field of mental health both within the UK and abroad. We currently have offices in London and in Nigeria.

The carry my cross initiative started with the son of a mentally challeged woman who was inspired to change attitudes towards people with mental health challenges.

He experienced first-hand the stigmatization and adandonment of his mother faced with mental illness, until her tragic dealth in Ondo State. Nigeria.

In order to achieve this goal of sponsoring mental health law & policy in nigeria, He obtained bachelor of laws and master degree in Law from the presigious London Metropolitan University.

At carry My cross, we believe in sharing interesting articles or research. both in Nigeria and the UK, about mental health and wellbeing.

We seek to connect with others who have genuine concern about mental all over the world and to encourage equal opportunities and a better way of life for everyone, no matter their background.

we work to enlighten the community about the dangers of stigmatisation of these people. we are not unmindful of the important roles of families and friends, and work to fomulate supporting policies which eliminate discrimination on the grounds of ethinity, gender, age, religion and disability. 

We intend extending our reach to Kaduna, Lagos,Jos Abuja and all over Nigeria in time. We work tirelessly to make our vision of eradicating this source of suffering in our society a reality. This people do not suffer at their own hand, or due to a lack of personal virtue. Their mental challenges and the neglect of the society that is supposed to take care of them is the cause of their pain.

Carry My Cross subscribes to the WHO proposition that there can be "No health without Mental Health ", which has also been endorsed by the Pan American health Organisation, the EU council of Ministers, the World federation of Mental Health, and the UK Royal college of psychiatrists.

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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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