Boko Haram Victims

The idea behind the ( PTSD ) awareness support and other activities is to create the much needed awareness about issues surrounding the victims of Boko Haram and others suffering as a result of "Boko Haram " Terrorist in Nigeria.

Awareness is to showcases our commitment to mental health education development in Nigeria and the psychosocial support importance in managing crisis.

If you are involved in or witness a traumatic event of BOKOHARAM it is common to experience, distressing, upsetting or confusing feelings afterwards. Post -traumatic stress disorder illness occur amongst armed forces who have fought terrorist : BOKOHARAM

PTSD is one of the mental illnesses most associated with military service but there are a range of other more common mental illnesses which might affect Service and ex-Service personnel.  These include depression, feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and substance misuse, most commonly

The importance of our Psychosocial and Psychological support in fighting the prevalence of mental health disorders in managing the insurgency, Kidnappings and vandalization crisis in our societies cannot be over emphasized.

Psychosocial support plays an important part in the instruction and recovery process of victims of crisis. They contain detailed materials on current topics and are designed to facilitate mental health development and knowledge acquisition.

The availability and access to psychosocial and psychological support, assessment diagnosis and counseling, and other supporting materials are severely limited. Poor quality psychosocial support and health education leaves a legacy of illiteracy and a non-productive population.

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